Friday, November 9, 2012

The End, Yet Comes Another Beginning

In a blink, 2012 is coming to an end. Who says the world is going to be flooded by the melting of icebergs? Who says the 2012 movie is actually based on scientific studies that the world will ends by 2012? I am still here, living in a tiny dot on Jarsoom (Earth), writing this piece of blog update.

Well, I went against my promise earlier to do a follow-up from my previous post. This is because the result wasn’t appealing, wasn’t to my favor. It was an incomplete effort being put in, due to unforeseen reasons which forbid me to advance further. Nevertheless, it was a great yet exciting experience which I will treasure. They always say, there are two sides of a coin. Who knows the coin may flips, favoring myself?

This year has been the very challenging, yet interesting and mind-torturing year. There are things which I gained, and also things I lost in the process. Work-wise, it was colorful, filled with ocean, nature and fire. The so-called people with wisdom always say, “You will achieve success when you meet this one man. He will change your life if you meet him. You have to go on this quest, to search for this special man”. Sounds like Frodo Baggins or Karate Kid. This is actually true, surprisingly. I have met two bosses, who have helped me so much along the journey, providing me with all the knowledge, the skills, the PRs that I need to survive in the competitive environment. My deepest appreciation and gratitude towards the two bosses I have in my department. In other aspects, I have also been leaders for several functions, and a Project Manager as a title for a start. Rocky roads, but resilience and perseverance overcome all! Even, I had an opportunity of a lifetime to join Mega-Project, yet the dream was not materialized. Disappointed at first glance, but life-goes-on.

Work-life balance. As Jack-and-Jill story is made into an idiom, “All Work No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy, And Jill A Dull Girl”, I digested this quote, and came out with an ultimate plan! If you are close to me, you will agree on my next statement. I am a Badminton-Freak! I am a Sports-Freak! I have never turned down any request to play badminton nor swimming! Speaking of which, that’s also one of the things which I have focused my life much onto, reason being that Bintulu has nothing much to offer except Work, Sports, Drinks! I have taken up the habit of weekly drinking session with buddies, and sing some crowd-cracking karaoke songs (fyi, always the same songs) in the public just to release some stress, and maybe impress some ladies in the bar? Nah… if that’s true, i wouldn't be single by now.

I have been to several new places this year. Besides the frequent Kuala Lumpur, and also spontaneous Kuching-stop-by to gather with close friends, I have visited Vietnam with a bunch of great friends, and Australia with the most precious people in my life. I used to dream going Overseas, looking at a different perspective of a country, admiring their culture and mega-architectures. To my conscious, the excitement before going, and already step foot on their land, is really sky-and-sea difference. If I were to describe the excitement level, before and after, it’s 90% vs 20%. I wonder why. Is this a Syndrome or what? But, I still love travelling nevertheless. Another new place which I have made effort to stop by, was Kota Kinabalu. Well, things happened there, but I will keep it to myself for now. This is an amazing place which have lotsa nice foods and picturesque island for lovebirds or bunch of friends to spend their time, bonding with each other.

Upcoming, I will be visiting Bali, and maybe Germany this year. I have yet to plan for 2013, but USA is on the line for my brother’s convocation, and Taiwan for leisure. Europe is on my next hit list, yet I need to source for companionship to start a euro-backpacking-tour. Financially, I have been dropping tremendously, with the line chart starts to have sharp dip towards the lower side of the graph. Oh well, money are to be spent, else what are they for? This year has been 0-earning year for me. Nothing adds into the basket, but strains of straws start to peel off. 2013 must be better, I will see to that.

Love, is a topic I do not intend to touch at the moment.

Till then, XOXO. Cheers!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Moving on to the next phase, ain't easy!

Over the past years, i have always thought that everything is well planned, and i will definitely achieve my final goals if i keep holding on to the beliefs and faith i have always held tight upon.

Yes, nothing is certain in this world. It's pathetic, yet it is the ugly truth that everyone of us has to embrace. I have been dreamy of lots and lots of things, or even people. Among the few, are the basic dreams of all man :-

- money-tree career
- football-field-sized Villa
- unlimited inflow of cash
- ever-sporty 5000hp demon sport car
- smoking-hot girlfriend

Those may seem easily achievable on papers or plans, but they are not. It takes every drop of your sweat and every neuron in your brain to work those out for you. I have always fantasized about those luxury life where i have to not worry about anything else but how to spend those stashing up cash behind my garage. Those were the days when i was young, when i was small, when i was 7 years old.

Reality is always ugly, and nothing beats the smack in the face when you have failed to fulfill everyone's expectation. From then on, i live up to expectation of all who have faith, who have believes, who have their trust in me. Throughout the ever-challenging years, i am who i am now, living up to my own expectation. I wouldn't boast about my achievements, yet they are not as proud as Mark Zuckerberg nor Justin Biebier who have made their fame and fortune before they are even categorized under the "mature" community. I am satisfied with my life now. The only imperfection i have, the only impairment which affects me the most now, is to find another half to complete the cycle of building up a family.

I once had the chance to achieve those, where i would call it a "perfect life" with everything in place. However, life's unpredictable, similarly towards fellow homosapiens out there. What human needs are attention, care, concerns and attention again. I guess it's not easy to balance out the W-vs-W issue : Work vs Wife. Although i did not reach the stage of marriage, yet i have always assumed her as THE WIFE. I have always say this, "If Work doesn't weighs more, then the Wife will not get what she has always dreamed for". Nah...those are just how guys put on show to cover up their affection and responsibility towards their own career and work. Women need attention, plenty of attention. Once you have lost it, you lose her as well.

A year had passed. Reminiscing back those 12 months, i barely achieve anything huge, anything commendable, anything worth to be boast about, of course, besides pampering myself with several wallet-torturing items. However, if she had not left, i would not realize how important friends can be in such depressing hours. I am relieve i have amended most of the broken bonds i had due to loss of contacts, laziness in catching up and so forth.

I have spent the last 1 year doing some soul-searching, which includes self-assessment of my well-being as well as attitudes, identification of the weaks, and try to emphasize on the strongs! I am not Gay! I did soul-searching for the right woman who can actually fit into my lifestyle and common interest. As age starts to sum up, the criteria has changed too. I used to dream of a perfect woman with perfect look, average height, extremely down-to-earth family background, ambitious and discipline, and by saying that, i mean no drinking, no smoking, no frequent outing with guys. Now, i am more to a guy who look for the right woman, which i think she's the right one, regardless of how she looks, where she comes from, how did she make her way here, and what she does over the day and night. What matter most is the chemical between us when we are together, when we share our stories, when we share our thoughts, when we share our time, when we do things together. That, and only that, matters now.

I couldn't deny that i have tried to look into a few options before this, and believe me, physical are not what i am looking for. In order to understand a person, you don't solely tell from their pictures nor the way the present themselves. You dig deeper. You ask around, you search around, you read around, you stalk around. Well, sound like a stalker indeed. But all those just show how dead serious i was when i am really into knowing someone. You wouldn't want to make another mistake in your life. Time's running out, and time wait for no man. I have always told those who have doubts in my way of handling relationship, and all i could say was "i am into a real serious relationship, and trying out are just not my option  anymore". I  guess that explains why i have actually kept a few kind and lovely souls out there disappointed. I am deeply sorry, but i have to convince myself first that i can actually commit before i let you commit to me.

Now, i guess i have found The One again, and the crazily-expressed urge of wanting to see her, wanting to hear from her, wanting to say things to her resurfaced. I have not experienced this feeling for a long time, and it resurfaced. I am not sure if i am the right one for her, but i am pretty sure with her by myside, i would transform from the depressed pathetic dude where everyone despise, to the luckiest dude where everyone will envy for the rest of their life.

I will DEFINITELY not screw this up, and i will try the very best in me, to tell her that i am worth her grasp! I may not be the perfect person, nor perfect gentlemen which she may have always wanted. But, i can assure her, she will have my 100% trust, 100% honesty, 100% love, sincerely pouring out, just for her. If i fail, i will put my guards down, and let the other destroy me. This is how confident i am in this!!

I hope whoever reading this, will put their hands together, pray for my success. Although happiness lies in our own hand, but with your support and prayers, i will be blessed spiritually.

My next update will tell, either i have succeeded, or i have failed.

X.O.X.O Howey

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stand Still, or Move On?

In a flick, half year had past. Just imagine, spending my life all alone without the other half, isn't easy at all, especially when I used to spend most of the special occasions with someone special. 

Flipping back the pages, there were moments where i couldn't really let go, and also memories where i find in need for improvements. 

Time flies. Time flies. Time flies. And it waits for no men. 

Half year had past, and i spent most of it working, working and working. At the same time, wishing, wishing and wishing for what's impossible.

It seems like it's time to fill in the vacant position with someone who qualifies, who suits the position much better than the predecessor!!

Will i manage to do so? or will i just stood still and waits for nothing? You'll be my judge. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Brief Update on my Life

Time flies. That's the only thing in my mind right now. Unconsciously, it's already April 2011. Pheww!! What have i done for the past 1 year? I do not have any answer to it right now as i was too busy to reflect back on the things i have accomplished, and things i have sacrificed along the way.

Just some vast difference in me lately : drinking and partying.

I used to be a person without the urge to drop by places like Zouk, Thai Club, Beach Club, Ding Dang, Discovery, Wave etc... Definitely, drinking alcoholic drinks have never been into my interest for the past 25 years.

However, i have took up this habit recently, which have led me to frequent happening places in Bintulu, just to have a chillax time with colleagues and friends. Perhaps it's the peer-influence factor, which managed to drag me into this kind of lifestyle. But i have to clarify here, nothing that i did there other than sitting around with a few sips of carlsberg or heineken. That's all i did.

It sounds funny or crazy though, for me to drop by such a place just to have expensive drink and killing-effect towards my poor-functioning liver.

Nevertheless, this kinda life has been misunderstood by some of the people i care in my life, and it cost  me a huge lesson to be learnt.

Now, i am a person of my own thoughts.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Guide to JPA Scholarship Interview

I bet all of us have gone through post-SPM life, and application for scholarship is among one of the checklist in your  education planning. 

Well, now it's the season for those post-SPM students to hunt for financial aids. I believe the only reason why a student strive so hard to excellence is because of the scholarship. I was shortlisted for 3 interviews, and i got 2 of them. The other one that i was not selected? JPA. Why? I guess i did not perform well during the interview. So, here's something for you to ponder onto if you are attending a JPA Scholarship Interview. 

I sort of copied and paste from other people's blog, but it's really informative and useful. Do grab some useful notes from this.

How will you be assessed?

For the Foreign Degree Programme (PILN), the criteria for selection are:

1. Academic excellence (70%)
2. Interview (10%) - Its only 10%, so don't worry too much 
3. Socio-economic background of parents (10%)
4. Co-curriculum (10%)

About the interview

Who will be conducting the interview: Three government officers selected by JPA. They represent the three main races in Malaysia.
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: If you are asked in English, answer in English, and if you asked in Bahasa Malaysia, you MUST answer in Bahasa Malaysia. A previous interviewee told us that an interviewer got angry when a student answered in English when he was questioned in Bahasa Malaysia. He was told to answer in Bahasa Malaysia.

How is the interview done?

Three students are interviewed at one go. These students do not have to be from the same course. They can be students who have applied for medical, dentistry and pharmacy. The interview is done in two sessions; Round 1: General Information and Round 2: Group Discussion.

Round 1General Information

1. Introduce yourself
2. Explain why you chose the program
3. Talk a little bit about your achievements in school

Round 2: Group Discussion

This is a group discussion and you will be asked to discuss with the same group from round one. You will be given a few questions to prepare and the interviewers will see how you work as a team. You will be asked for your opinion on the topics. Be constructive and don’t try to ‘goreng’ too much. A student once said government doctors earn a lot of money and the officers were shocked and argued with him and said he didn’t do his research well. Try not to say things that you are not sure of.

These were some of the questions posed to JPA scholars last year.

1. Please tell us a little bit about the smoking habit among Malaysians.
2. What can we do to reduce the number of smokers?
3. Should we allocate a huge budget for the public health system to give equal treatment to the smokers?
4. What is your personal view about smokers who are still smoking even though the government has done a lot of anti-smoking campaigns?

What topics can be expected this year? (my suggestions only)

1. National unity - 1Malaysia - How to improve unity?
2. Why scholars don't want to return to Malaysia and how to ensure they serve the nation after graduating
3. Environmental issues - in line with Malaysia's commitment to reduce carbon emission to 40% by 2020 as announced by PM in COP-15
4. H1N1
5. Anti drug campaign effectiveness
6. Privatisation of public healthcare in Malaysia
7. Increasing number of medical graduates. More information

More tips on scholarship interview

Tribute to Reaching for Perfectness

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A week in KL

It seems like i have abandoned this blog for quite sometime. Well, some updates about myself.

From Feb till March, i have travelled a lot between the same destinations : Bintulu, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuala Terengganu.

So, here is goes.

1-6 February
I attended Skill Group Training in Kuala Terengganu. I was so excited when i imagined myself in Kuala Terengganu as it was my first time stepping my foot there. I went there with 2 other colleagues, namely Zakiah and Azizul. We stayed at Felda Residence Hotel.

FYI, that small town has nothing much to offer, except Mosques of different designs and architectures. The markets and shops close by 5pm. After 5, you have nothing much to see. OH ya, Taxi costs a bomb if you try to stop one.

Transition, went to KL and stayed at Royale Bintang Hotel at Bukit Bintang. Not much review on that hotel. Not as extravaganza as the one at The Curve. Anyway, manage to spend some hours at Lowyat Plaza looking for some netbook. :P

14-21 February
Went back to Kuching for Chinese New Year. Woohoo!! It's Tiger Woohoo!!! This is the first time in 6 years i have spent such a long time in Kuching during CNY. Before this, due to studies, the maximum i could spent in Kuching was like 4 - 5 days MAX. This year, i have basically spent nearly 12 days for CNY! That's great isn't it? Meeting with friends also very fun! The visitings and the yum-cha session @ The Tarrot Cafe, the Dota @ Jln Song.. One Word - SONG!!

22 - 25 February
Went to Port Dickson for DCS Upgrading Project's PRA (Project Risk Assessment). A big numbers of colleagues from MLNG was invited to attend. We stayed at Eagle Ranch Resort. Some story to tell about this resort. It's Different from other resorts that we usually visit. It's theme is "Cowboy Town". From that, we could sort of imagine how to place would be. Hehe..Very nice resort by the way.

- Waterfall-like shower in the Log Cabin (Room) with fake fireplace
- Red Indian Huts (Low cost room, with FAN)
- Horses
- Peacocks and Turkeys
- Nice beach
- Go-Kart Track
- Paint Ball Ground
- Flying Fox
- 20-30 obstacles field
and many more.

But, the main attraction is the teambuilding facilities. Hence, many companies hold their teambuilding session there. Maggi was one of them. Nestle also. :) After 2 days there, feel boring d.

Transition, went to KL and wanted to Stay at J.W.Marriot, but Full. Westin and Grand Millenium over budget, Park Royal Full House, ended up at The Coronade Hotel. Ha Ha Ha.

25-28 February
Went back to Kuching to celebrate Chap Goh Meh! Didn do much, went for some Karaoke session @ the Josey.

1-3 March
Attended Skill Group Training at Kuala Lumpur. Stayed at The Corus Hotel, opposite KLCC. Benefited a lot from this training cause the trainer was indeed Mantap! Explained every single thing in precise and clear manner. Thumb up to Mr. Rashdan.

Among the activities i had there.
1. Visited Quatro. Nice ambient.
2. Visited Zouk. Bo Lang wan..
3. Visited Beach Club. Cun!!
4. Met Danny @ KLCC.
5. Invited for Welcoming Dinner @ The Corus's Bar - free flow drink (win, beer, juices)

18-21 March
Went to Penang to visit Eileen and Baby Ball. Met up with Albin, Amira, Jessica and Pei Yue. My stomach got bigger after i left Penang. Food Heaven! YeAH!

21-27 March
Attended Transwater Training @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Very very fun! The training was comprehensive as well! The breakfast was normal, every morning the same menu. Lunch was super rich. Patutla Fairus posted in his FB "Chong Zhia Howe eating, perut mcm lembu".
There, we went for Bowling for 3 consecutive days - skill masih 7 games.
Euphoria - Ministry of Sound. Cool.
Ice Skating - Nice. Skated with Sean. Skated for 3 hours. After that, went to get my shoe after a suffering 3 hours. Poof. Shoe gone. Missing. StoLen by lowlife creature.

Next day, went to KLIA. Saw the skaters i met during ice skating. Looked down, my shoe was in his foot. Sigh. I can never imagine it was a chinese who stole my shoe. Oh well, a lesson learnt. Never buy a shoe that costs more than RM200. This is the 2nd time stolen. Tiu!

Anyway, i was awarded Best Student Award during the Training, and was given 500GB Transcend External Harddisk. On top of that, the souvenirs are Leather Luggage Tag, Wallet and Scheffer Pen. Thank you thank you.

Now, i am back in Bintulu. Going for badminton with Pin soon. Till then.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A round of battle, and i lost

Sigh,,I think this is the season easiest for people to fall sick. The weather keeps on changing rapidly, unpredictable. One moment it was sunny, the next second it was a rainfall. No one could ever expect that, what more to say in Bintulu with the acid-enriched rain.

Looking back at the time i went for PIPE, it has been roughly 9 months i have shifted myself to Bintulu. If i am not mistaken, this is the first time i caught a cold + fever + sore throat, and yes, it was suffering, sorry, IT IS Suffering.

It all started from Tuesday, whereby i went for a continuous 6 sets of Badminton matches non-stop, and after 2.30 hr, i stopped, and went home. I had a plan in mind. I wanted to cook dinner that night, but it was already 10pm when i reached home, still sweaty. Hence, for the sake of not wasting anymore time, i went to took a refreshing bath, then proceeded to the kitchen to cook. Everything went fine, until the next day.

I started to have slight running nose..and i start to feel a little bit floating..

Thursday came..and it got worse..i felt weak..i felt hot n cold, i felt was a lot of shit then..So, i went to look for clinics that actually accept ING card.

Let me list down a few.

LKB Clinic (Medan Jaya) - Pulled back, no more supported by ING
Bandar Jaya Clinic (Medan Jaya) - Don't have the swap machine

LKB Clinic (MLNG Housing) - ING Card accepted
Medan Jaya Clinic - ING Card accepted, but you need to queue for an hour or so..

So, those are the clinics i went, and another Industrial Clinic in MLNG.

Till now, it has been 4 days, and i have not gotten much better. I lost the battle to the bacterias in my body. I shall seek another savior today. Till then.